▶ Dr.Jayesh Patel started his practice as cancer surgeon performing all cancer surgical procedures from 1984, but now his main interest is in the field of Head & Neck Cancers with re-constructive surgery, Breast and Thyroid surgeries. He had performed a number of Base Tongue Cancer Surgeries through a mandibular swing approach and reconstruction with PMMC flap & Micro Vascular Flaps, thereby preserving the aesthetic and functional values, at the same time fulfilling performing principals of Onco surgery with good resuls


▶ Since more than ten years He had resorted to free micro vascular procedures of tissue transfer like Free Fibula Flap, Free Radial Artery Flap, Antero Lateral Thigh Flap and Free Jejunal Grafts where ever applicable in Head & Neck Cancers, particularly tongue, jaws, Cheek mucosa etc. again with excellent outcomes with the team of microvascular surgeons.


▶ He is performing other cancer surgery of Gastro enterology, Genito Urinary, Gynaec, and soft tissue tumors like Oesophageal Stomach and Colo Rectal surgeries, Pancreatic Cancers (Whipple’s), Radical Abdominal Hysterectomies for cervical cancers, Ovarian and breast cancers, Radical Nephrectomy for kidney cancers, and Radical Cystectomy for Bladder cancer with the team of cancer specialist.


▶ He has visited The Royal Marsden Hospital London & Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York as a Visitor Surgeon.


● Cims Hospital is MultiSpeciality Hospital Having Following Facilities:


▶ Total 350 Beds with General , Twin Sharing , Special Rooms & Suits Room

▶ 12 well Equiped state of Art Operation Theaters.

▶ 2 Radio Therapy Units

▶ Dedicated Chemotherapy Center

▶ Rehabilition Department


He is a cancer surgeon performing all cancer surgical procedures.